MicahHere is a personal project turned freelance design and illustration business. Born from a passion for authentic, relatable design and a love for vintage cartoon aesthetics, MicahHere has grown over the past 4 years to become my personal mission to spread warmth and light through cheerful, imaginative designs.

Freelance Business
Merchandise, Apparel & Poster Design & Illustration
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MicahHere began as a series of poster designs, created in my spare time and posted to Instagram︎︎︎. Here are some of the posters I have created along the way.

Client Work

Once I developed a strong visual style and had gathered an audience from consistently sharing my work, people began reaching out, asking me to work on projects. I have since gotten to work with a bunch of cool folks on some neat projects—here are just a few.

Amplify PicturesA poster series campaign for an award-winning production company in Los Angeles, highlighting the brand’s focus on bringing uplifting shows and a sense of community to the global television market.

Jain Golf
A full-page illustration for a fun and vibrant golf publication, Jain’s World.

Fera Great Britain
A birthday celebration event poster for an outdoor lifestyle brand in Great Britain. Also an unreleased clothing capsule (not shown) coming next summer.

Middle Child Clubhouse
A new logo for The Thousand Island Lounge, a classy, upscale private dining experience in downtown Philly.

We Are Little Giants X ComplexLand
An exclusive kids’ clothing capsule in collaboration with a children’s streetwear brand in Los Angeles, released at ComplexLand, a virtual metaverse fashion festival. 

Birdie Academy
A tee design for a down-to-earth golf lifestyle brand.

A tee for a small lifestyle brand promoting positive vibes.

Mortar Real Estate A promotional tee design for a blockchain real estate company in California.


I created an Etsy storefront︎︎︎ to sell downloadable wall prints of my designs, offering people an easy and affordable way to purchase my work.

Customer Photos
Happy buyers showing off their prints.


Casetify reached out to me to release a featured designer phone case collection︎︎︎. We worked together to produce 27 different designs with adaptable sizing and created a photo advertising campaign to announce the launch.

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