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Micah (”MIKE-uh”)

Hey there—I’m Micah, a creator with a relish for raw and relatable design.

I hold a special appreciation for the things people tend to overlook—the broken, the outcast, the weird, the ugly, the forgotten. I delight in breathing warmth and life into the ordinary, subverting expectations and creating things that spark genuine light and laughter.

When I’m not fiddling with a new design project or drawing funny little characters for my freelance business︎︎︎, chances are you’ll find me horsing around with my 6 siblings or watching reruns of standup comedy.

Soft Skills
Taste-testing ice cubes, naming inanimate objects, strumming ukuleles & vandalizing nature calenders

Currently a 2nd-year communication design student at the University of Cincinnati DAAP.
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